Wage Administration

The payroll is an important part of corporate governance, for your employees and for you as an employer. In addition, as part of the wage administration, external institutions – such as health insurance and tax offices – are provided with data and payments. It is therefore important that all the statements are correct. Trust our extensive experience. In the knowledge that all your accounts will be settled on time and correctly, you win more scope to carry out your business tasks. With us, your payroll is in safe hands:

Our services for you:

  • Establish your wage and salary administration
  • Timely and reliable compilation of the on-going wage and salary accounting
  • Data transfers to statutory health insurances, tax offices and banking institutions
  • Payment of overtime, travel costs and premiums
  • Calculation of holidays as well as public-holiday and sick pay
  • Calculation of on-going wage taxes
  • Creation of statements to professional associations, employment services, health insurances, etc.
  • Handling legal issues involving income tax and social security


This is how your wage administration works: